Since ancient times, agarwood essential oil has been considered a privileged item for use only by the upper classes and kings because of its rarity. Today, it has emerged a lot more popular and has become increasingly expensive. So what is the benefit of this essential oil? Even though it is so expensive, are people still willing to spend large sums of money to buy?

  • What is agarwood essential oil?

As the name suggests, agarwood essential oil is extracted from the agarwood of the Aquilaria crassna tree, one of the most precious natural essential oils in the world. It has a mysterious and exotic fragrance. Agarwood essential oil is produced from famous exporters such as Vietnam, China, Thailand, and Indonesia, generally mainly in Southeast Asia.

The Aquilaria crassna tree takes many years to mature and becomes contaminated with oil. Specially, not all types of Aquilaria crassna can produce agarwood. The agarwood trees eligible to produce essential oils must have a lifespan of up to tens of years, hundreds of years, experiencing many harsh winds, and traces of time. The more the agarwood trees suffer from the natural external impacts, the more rare and precious agarwood trees become. The value of agarwood essential oil has since been increasingly enhanced in today’s life. In terms of morphological characteristics, agarwood essential oil is a viscous, yellow or amber liquid with a warm, pleasant aroma. In terms of composition, scientists have found many good chemical ingredients contained in agarwood:

Agarol (sesquiterpene)

Aquillochin (couinarinolignan)

α- agarofurans

β- agarofurans





Iso- dihydroagarofura



  • Uses of agarwood essential oil
  • Reduce stress, help sleep better and deeper

Agarwood oil is considered to be a kind of miracle cure “illness”, capable of healing emotional pains. There have been famous studies in the world showing that this essential oil’s scent strongly harmonizes with the electrical frequencies of the brain, helping brain cells to relax in a surprisingly effective way. When inhaling agarwood essential oil, it not only helps people reduce anxiety, stress, increase concentration but also helps the spirit of peace, optimism.

Tibetan monks use agarwood essential oil to stimulate and strengthen their inner energies and create absolute tranquility for the mind and soul. It is for this same reason that agarwood essential oil is a revered and favored oil for use in the rituals of many spiritual traditions and esoteric gatherings.

At the same time, agarwood also helps prevent sleep disturbances. Agarwood oil can help you fall asleep more easily, especially when using a diffuser or massaging it into the forehead. Behind, the effectiveness of agarwood will be even more remarkable when used in combination with other aromatic essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, cedar wood. 

  • Prevent cancer

Agarwood essential oil capable of the spread of breast cancer cells. Even more miraculously, this essential oil can also destroy tumor mutations.

However, a lot of effort and time is still needed for scientists and experts to study more in-depth research on the agarwood cancer hypothesis. They need to determine what side effects are involved and other clear benefits before announcing officially.

  • Effective skin care, retard aging process

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of agarwood will help soothe the skin against external effects such as dust, and enhance the skin’s resistance.

Thanks to the richness of antioxidants, agarwood also can make the skin glow. This essential oil protects the skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun as well as free radicals, blurring wrinkles and sun spots. Thereby it will repel aging, toning and nourishing skin healthier.

  • Promote digestion

Few people know that agarwood is considered by many researchers to be a natural laxative, diuretic and anti-diarrhea. Similar to digestive enzymes, it stimulates the digestive system to function properly. You use 1 to 2 drops of pure natural agarwood essential oil. With its digestive stimulant properties similar to enzymes, agarwood essential oil aids in smooth digestion and prevents gas build-up. For digestive system problems, especially the stomach or possibly menstrual cramps, agarwood essential oil should be applied to the stomach area of ​​the abdomen. Agarwood oil will stimulate the production of digestive to treat indigestion and bloating through the system. 

  • Minimize respiratory diseases

Agarwood essential oil also has powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can effectively kill mold and bacteria. It acts as a catalyst to help purify the air to become fresh, fragrant, smooth and comfortable for those around. Besides, agarwood essential oil also helps to remove unpleasant odors for a long time.

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