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Agarwood Chips and Chunks

Agarwood Chips and Chunks

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Vietnam agarwood in general, and agarwood chips and chunks in particular, are always regarded as the best natural agarwood in the world. With the main development orientation “Best material produces the best product”, Chien Dan spends a long time researching and selecting the best source of agarwood to ensure the quality of the output products. The area that we trust to choose is Phuc Trach wards, Huong Khe district, Ha Tinh province. This is the country’s most well-known agarwood-growing location, with ideal natural circumstances and decades of experience. Our products have two types: natural and artificial. All of it is processed by trained growers and is of the highest quality. The majority of the two sides are resin, with only a small amount of white wood remaining. When agarwood chips and chunks are burned on the surface, the resin on both sides releases a lovely scent that you cannot resist.

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High quality


Free of preservatives or additives.


Have both types natural and artificial


Sweet and warm scent

Agarwood Chips and Chunks


Agarol (sesquiterpene), Aquillochin (couinarinolignan), α- agarofurans, β- agarofurans, Agarospirol,...



Improve skin health, enhance meditation, traditional medicine, spiritual symbol,...


Agarwood Chips and Chunks

Agarwood accumulates inside the quintessence of heaven and earth, so it is always preferred by consumers to use. Along with agarwood essential oil, agarwood chips and chunks are one of the most popular products in the market.

Agarwood chips and chunks at Chien Dan include 2 types: Natural and Artificial.

  • Forming successfully natural agarwood requires many factors especially such as the Vietnamese proverb “Thien thoi, Dia loi, Nhan hoa” (to be aware of the weather, to know the environment, and to have support or national harmony) mention. As a result, natural agarwood chips and chunks have a high and exceptionally significant market value. This kind has a distinct form and powerful aroma.
  • Artificial agarwood is not fake agarwood. This type also has to go through many stages like natural agarwood, but there are human actions in the creation of agarwood during the development of Aquilaria crassna. The tree is grown, and then methods such as drilling holes are used to encourage agarwood production. Artificial agarwood is made in the same way as natural agarwood, with many technical processes and extensive testing. Therefore, it can ensure that the inherent features of natural agarwood are preserved to the fullest extent possible.

Not to mention that, in addition to their rarity, agarwood chips and chunks have significant spiritual value. Agarwood in the home will keep the body healthy, and life will be prosperous. Nowadays, agarwood is widely utilized as a beneficial herb. According to custom, during festivals, sacrifices, and New Year’s Eve, people often burn incense or agarwood in urns, or temples to thank their ancestors. Burning agarwood in the house wards off evil spirits attracts good fortune, perfumes the space, and creates a warm, fragrant atmosphere that is both comforting and healthy.

The current method of using agarwood chips and chunks also includes two main types: traditional and modern.

  • Traditional method: Break or chop the agarwood into small pieces with your hands, then burn 1 piece of charcoal. Place it in the incense burner or on top of the incense burner, then add the broken pieces of agarwood, being careful not to overfill the incense burner. Allow the coals to burn so that the incense can spread evenly and rapidly. This approach is frequently used in religious ceremonies when steaming a new house to remove the smell of paint, and while disinfecting the house on a regular basis.
  • Modern method: Turn on the electric fumigation oven and drop 2-3 grams of agarwood into the oven’s mouth. This method is both cost-effective and smoke-free.

Chien Dan Agarwood chips and chunks are of superior quality at reasonable prices. With advanced production methods and strict quality standards, we are always confident in the quality of products on the way to expanding markets and conquering customers.

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