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Agarwood is close to many people of different backgrounds globally. Not only useful for health, agarwood also brings in itself spiritual beauty. In the life of the ancients to modern society today, agarwood still remains completely its precious value and is increasingly used by people for many different purposes. 

  • Agarwood oil – an expensive and therapeutic perfume

Since ancient times, people also know how to take advantage of agarwood oil as a “royal” perfume. Agarwood is often burned to steam the costumes, robes, camellia, the expensive costumes of kings, servants, dignitaries, princes of princes, of men dressed as guests. solemn festivals. Vietnamese folk believe that agarwood will increase the preciousness of formal costumes as well as show the richness of the wearer. It is also an implicit way to distinguish the inner classes in society at that time.

Next, a typical example must be mentioned is Oman, where the scent of agarwood is emitted from all corners of the street. Agarwood is not only burned in all large and small ceremonies in Oman from weddings, ceremonies to religious ceremonies, but also turns Oman into the kingdom of perfumes. Omanis also consider scent as a way of expressing personality in every season. Even children in Oman from a young age have learned about the importance of perfume. Moreover, this area also creates its own luxury brands of fragrances.

Recently, Agarwood perfume has gradually become an expensive shopping pleasure in China. In addition to being used as a perfume, agarwood is also burned by wealthy Chinese to enjoy the scent for a short period of time.

  • Agarwood in traditional remedies

Currently, only Vietnamese agarwood has therapeutic effect. Our forefathers used it as a rare medicinal herb, a precious medicine. Agarwood has countless effects from kidney recharge, to cure stomach upset, chest pain, vomiting, asthma, diuretic, pain relief, calm, banning, and antipyretic. difficulty breathing, bleeding blood.

  • The feng-shui meaning of agarwood

When burning incense, there is a small smoke emitting a special aroma that is both elegant and gentle. According to the opinion of the East, agarwood is the spirit wood that absorbs the spirit of heaven and earth, and has a particularly important role in spiritual culture. On important occasions, it helps eliminate ghosts to dispel evil, create new energy for space and people. Moreover, the essential oils contained in agarwood have the ability to warm and clean the air, making the surrounding people breathing the air feel relaxed and full of energy.

Burning agarwood is a familiar custom in the temples in India from 3700 BC, and other countries after that. Because of feeling the unique and magical beauty that only incense can have, people later at major holidays or other important rituals gradually start to use agarwood to burn and replace gradually all other types of incense.

In Japan, a country that has always been admired by the world for its tea culture, has always led the consumption of agarwood in the region. Temples, tea ceremonies, or special ceremonies like Koh-Doh here all use agarwood instead of artificial aromas.

  • Precious jewelry 

It is believed that wearing this bracelet will bring peace, dispel bad luck. Therefore, business owners attach great importance to the meaning of the agarwood because they believe that this will give them a fortune and success at work. In many countries around the world, there are wealthy businessmen who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to own a necklace of agarwood, which they consider as an indomitable luck.

Talking about the preference for jewelry made from agarwood, it is impossible not to mention Thailand. The Thai people are famous for their traditional costumes designed in a luxurious and aristocratic style, with a variety of colors. And surprisingly, the combination of the agarwood ring with traditional costumes strangely appropriate. Therefore, the Thai people consider agarwood not only a spiritual beauty but also a highlight of their national culture, their self-esteem towards the country. 

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