First-grade Agarwood can cost up to $ 100,000 (more than 2.3 billion VND per kg), almost twice as expensive as gold. It is one of the most expensive medicinal herbs in the world. Why is that ? Agarwood is exorbitant for countless reasons. Let’s find out more through the following article!

  • The value of agarwood

It takes a very long time for agarwood to form on the tree, averaging from a few decades to hundreds of years, depending on the quality of the agarwood. Due to unsustainable production in many countries around the world including Vietnam, all varieties of agarwood are currently classified as critically endangered. Experts estimate that global numbers have fallen 80% in the past 150 years. Also, even for the surviving plants, the production frequency of agarwood is very low. Some researches indicate that only 2% of wild agarwood trees are capable of producing natural agarwood, so hunting for natural agarwood is extremely arduous.

Tram Huong is divided into 4 class showing 4 metabolic stages, including Toc, Banh, Tram, Ky

Class IV – Toc: The stage of the successful transformation of sap into another essential oil, the amount of essential oil is small, thin, and the quality is not good because it is only the beginning of the transformation stage.

Class III – Banh: The structure of Banh is similar to Toc, people often call it Toc Banh to refer to both types, but the quality of Banh oil compared to Speed ​​has also begun to take shape more. Especially, Banh is an extremely rare stage, so it usually has a higher value for collecting.

Class II – Agarwood: At this special stage, the essential oil content has accumulated at a relatively high level. The fragrant is only smelled by burning, and it emits white smoke which flows non-directionally and then vanishes.

According to grade, agarwood is classified into 6 grades, the most valuable is type 1 and the lowest is type 6:

Grade 1: white wax color, the highest value of 6 types of agarwood.

Grade 2: blue duck head

Grade 3: blue wax color

Grade 4: yellow wax color

Grade 5: tiger hair color

Grade 6: yellow oil spots, the lowest value of the 6 types of agarwood.

But in ancient literature, agarwood can be divided into 5 grades: Hoàng lạp trầm (dark yellow agarwood), Hoàng trầm (yellow agarwood), Giác trầm (agarwood formed on wound surface), Tiến hương (sweet agarwood), Kê cốt hương (red agarwood). In which, Hoàng lạp trầm has the best quality.

Class I – Ky nam: This is the type of agarwood with the highest quality. Oil is thick, light, soft, soft, smooth, with all four flavors of sour, spicy, bitter, and sweet; radiating natural scent, when burning the scent there is green smoke, flying straight and long into the air. Ky nam includes 4 types of Bach Ky (white Ky nam), Thanh Ky (green Ky nam), Huynh Ky (yellow Ky nam ), and Hac Ky (Black Ky nam ).

Ky nam is valued as the most expensive for Bach Tram Ky with a value of up to 50 billion VNĐ / kg. After Bach Tram Ky is Thanh Ky, the price ranges from 4-10 billion VNĐ / kg.

Besides, agarwood is also divided into many different categories. Each type will have a separate price depending on the level of oil, volume, origin. For example, the original is an intermediate factor to assess the aroma of the agarwood, thereby determining the appropriate value. The higher the aroma of incense is, the stronger it is. The longer it is stored, the price will be very different. 

Vietnam Agarwood is a high-quality product, ranked first in the value list of Agarwood because of its strong sweet aroma and the best quality in the world. 

In each country, depending on the land, the type of agar with better scent will be grown, the price will be higher. For example, in Vietnam, Tram Huong in Khanh Hoa will have a higher price than other provinces because of its quality and long-standing popularity.

  • Great effects of agarwood


Agarwood is used as a medicinal purpose that has been recorded in many ancient Islamic histories for its invaluable effect on curing serious diseases. Its use as a perfume in the Old Testament. The remedies and other uses of agarwood continue to be applied to this day in Ayurvedic, Tibetan, and traditional East Asian medicine.

Agarwood powder is often placed as aromatherapy bags or used as a pillow for its mild scent, it is effective in avoiding headaches and depression. As for oriental medicine, incense is effective to support the heart, for people suffering from dyspnea, bad heart, kidney disease, natural resources, and a warm body. Drinking tea made from agarwood helps to purify the body, reduce cardiovascular diseases.

In particular, agarwood essential oil acts as a “lung” to help purify the family air, kill viruses in the air, clean the airways, and enhance the respiratory system’s resistance.

Reduce stress

Agarwood has a mild, warm fragrance. The aroma creates a sense of comfort, relaxation, helping you to relieve stress and sleep better .

Use in the yoga or meditation space will increase the effectiveness of the practice. This keeps the body in good mental and physical health, balancing life.


Since ancient times, our forefathers have thought that agarwood brings luck and good fortune. Agarwood is a protective amulet, helping people to avoid evil, ominous, worry in life. Therefore, in Vietnam, people often burn agarwood oil in their homes on every occasion of worshiping or Tet holidays.

Additionally, agarwood is also used in religious rituals of Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims, … as a way to show respect and delicate beauty in traditional beauty. Ancient Egyptian have used agarwood as fuel to request and invite gods to come to them. In Buddhism, agarwood is present in rituals towards goodness, spirituality, compassion, bliss, selflessness, altruism … focusing on the human mind. The deep scent helps the spirit always feel refreshed and lucid, reducing stress in work and daily life.


Jewelry products made from Tram Huong became popular and favored by many people. The highlight is the agarwood bracelet with many different styles and types of charm suitable to the interests of many people. Tram Huong bracelets bring luxury, class but no less simply because of the high value they bring. The person wearing the bracelet will meet lucky things, receive good fortune and health.

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