Humans require food to maintain and nourish their bodies in real life. Incense, on the other hand, is the wellspring of life in the spiritual realm. This is the type of incense used by descendants to venerate their ancestors and make them feel more comfortable in the spiritual realm.

1. The unique scent of agarwood

Burning agarwood incense is a statement of the respect and goodwill of the incense burner who wishes to offer it to the gods we adore every day. They pray that God will grant their desire and provide assistance and blessings.

The process of making agarwood, which appears to be a simple “mechanism,” is quite mysterious. That is why the ancients stated that the most accurate definition is “Longevity to heaven and earth.” 

Many plants with essential oils radiate aroma into space in nature, but only agarwood has a constant source of smell from the harvesting moment until processing. Over thousands of years, people discovered fragments of agarwood resting at the bottom of ancient Champa wells, yet the scent was still intact when picked up. Agarwood has all five flavors: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter, and emits over 170 distinct scents (especially the male period has less odor and no sweetness). Using an incense diffuser and a common type of agarwood, there will be 8 waves of aroma over 24 hours; each phase is a flavor complex with a different primary smell that changes over time, sometimes resembling the scent of flowers. Lotus, rose, vanilla, pine, and musk are some of the scents you’ll encounter. It’s also extraordinary that at the same time, in different places, the scent of agarwood also different.

The scent is the bridge of emotions. As a result, agarwood has a sweet scent that helps the body relax and breathe. Agarwood not only mixes heaven and earth energy sources, but it also generates yang qi, which aids in the yin-yang balance of the owner. Moreover, agarwood actively enhances the neutralization of bad luck and the relief of tension. Its source of magical energy is a lot of new prosperity, drawing fortune and luck to people.

2. Agarwood plays an important role in meditation

Meditation is well recognized as a technique for assisting people in overcoming sadness and weariness, achieving mental serenity, and integrating with nature. Simply speaking, meditation means “mind concentration.” Agarwood has a soft, dust-free aroma that transports individuals to a higher level of emotion. That is also why from the past until now, the sacred places are always fragrant with agarwood. 

According to specialists, the aroma of agarwood has a light, fresh, deep sweet scent. That is well balanced with bitterness and sweetness and is received in the Hedonic, Orbitofrontal cortex, and Amygdala in the front section of the cerebral cortex. These are the parts of the brain that produce feelings of pleasure, contentment, and fulfillment. As a result, whenever the brain is exposed to the aroma of agarwood, the body feels instantly calm, revitalized, and less agitated.

Agarwood has a profound effect on the brain during meditation. We soon integrate with the energy of the cosmos as a result of our sense of detachment and harmony. The olfactory processing center is placed near the memory and emotion regions in the cerebral cortex. Our brain can recognize and remember each special smell. Therefore, simply by inhaling a familiar aroma, the body’s responses will react accordingly. Nowadays, many individuals enjoy agarwood because it evokes feelings of luxury. 


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