Both sides of agarwood chips have agarwood essential oil. When the essential oil is burned, it boils on the wood surface, giving out the agarwood scent: light and sweet.

1. What are Agarwood chips?

Agarwood chips are widely used in nations in the Middle East, such as India, China, and Vietnam. Burning agarwood has become a part of the Vietnamese people’s cultural and religious lives as a symbol of traditional beauty. Agarwood offers several feng shui benefits in addition to providing an attractive and subtle smell. The ancients believed that spread incense served as an invisible link between human existence and the hallowed spiritual realm (ancestral altar, temple, communal house, shrine, pagoda).

Depending on the age of the tree, the amount of agarwood essential oil in each chips varies. The majority of agarwood chips, on the other hand, have a deep, pleasant natural scent.

2. How is Agarwood chips formed?

The agarwood worker will cut short portions in the enormous logs when the wounded aquilaria crassna tree gets to about 10 years old. They will carefully peel off the outer bark in thick layers, then filter the wood that isn’t blended with essential oils. After that, planters only remove the wood grain that is heavily soaked in essential oils. Therefore, they create agarwood chips that are slender and flat.

Natural agarwood chips with good quality usually comes from central Vietnam. It has a sweet, delicate, and distinct scent. The product has been extremely cleanly trimmed and entirely dry. This sort of agarwood is more expensive than fake agarwood because of its natural.


3. Features and miracle uses 
3.1 Effects in feng shui and spirituality
  • Natural agarwood chips incense creates a link between heaven and earth, as well as between people.
  • It also aids in the sensation of tranquility, the removal of evil spirits, the transmission of positive energy, and the purification of living spaces.
  • Aids in the creation of a smell for enclosed locations, particularly offices and meditation…
3.2 Effect in health
  • Relieve stress and  pain
  • Good for digestion,  the heart, and  the kidney
4. Notes when sauna with agarwood
  • When setting up a sauna in a new home, switch on all the lights and open all the windows to allow the air to flow.
  • From the top floor to the bottom floor, from the inner chamber to the outside room, the steaming procedure begins (calculated according to the main facade).
  • Finally, in the living room, you position the bowl in the center.
  • Steam for around 30 minutes after adding agarwood chips.
  • When the urn burns out, you remove it and discard it.
  • The optimum time to steam a new home is one or two days before you return to ensure that any harmful and negative air has been removed.
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