Agarwood incense has been used as a spiritual smell to lead and unite the soul with the gods and Buddhas since ancient times. Furthermore, this product is regarded as a creation wonder, as it emits aroma and carries the soul of both heaven and earth. Agarwood incense also is one of the meditation techniques which helps to provide calm and tranquility to the soul. Let’s take a closer look at this product right now!

1. What kinds of agarwood incense should you buy?
1.1 Agarwood incense stick

In Vietnamese culture, incense sticks are the most frequent type of incense, especially red incense sticks. This form of incense, which is associated with worshiping culture, becomes a necessary part and plays an important role. However, the market is seeing an increase in the sale of low-quality incense sticks. It has a negative impact on the user’s health as well as their spiritual life.

Because of the distinctive aroma of agarwood, incense sticks not only safeguard your health but also aid in the relief of headaches and tension.

agarwood incense

1.2 Agarwood incense coil

Agarwood incense coil is round in shape and gets smaller and smaller inside. Burning incense coils becomes more common on New Year’s Day as a means of balancing yin and yang luck, as well as storming the house to welcome fortune and efficiently negate bad luck.

In addition, you can use coil to do a sauna at work. The aroma of incense will help you relax your mind, reduce stress, and improve your spirit thanks to its natural agarwood composition.

agarwood incense coil

1.3  Agarwood incense cone

Cones are commonly used to steam homes and create meditation and yoga settings. It also aids in the treatment of respiratory disorders, the improvement of sleep, and the promotion of deeper sleep. This sort of incense can be used for ancestor worship as well, but it is less frequent than incense sticks.

When burning incense cones, in particular, a smoke waterfall or a censer should be used. This will improve the aesthetics and allow the incense to burn more evenly and for longer.

agarwood incense cone

2. The meaning of agarwood incense
  • Each agarwood incense is a spiritual bridge that connects the owner’s aspirations to the gods and ancestors, demonstrating respect, a good heart, and praying for peace and prosperity.
  • Hands holding incense sticks, reflecting on the family’s and clan’s excellent traditions, and wishing for peace, wishing for peace and prosperity for family members.
  • Red incense sticks are an absolute must for the ancestral altar – the Buddha altar, in addition to fruit and tea offerings. It smells like an honest heart to the forefathers
3. Notes when buying agarwood incense
3.1 Color

Because fake products mix with chemicals and chemical dyes, these varieties will have vibrant and eye-catching colors. Meanwhile, light-colored type is truly pure, as it retains the color of natural agarwood.

3.2 Aroma

High-grade product has a delicate, not overpowering, but very fragrant scent. Counterfeit items mix with chemicals, sugar cane baits and sawdust. As a result, excessive sniffing can produce headaches and dizziness.

3.3 Cost

You should not buy items that is too inexpensive since “You get what you pay for.” Agarwood incense of high quality is not prohibitively expensive. This natural and high-class incense is must have item if you want to get the most out of it.

3.4 Purpose

There are many different varieties of incense available today, including incense sticks, incense cones, and incense coils. Each sort of incense will be appropriate for a specific application. To choose the proper sort of incense, you must first set the purpose and occasion of use.

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