(vuon cay)

Cultivated in many high-quality soil provinces in Vietnam

15-20 years growing with the average trees per garden range from 2,000 to 20,000

Meet the optimal edaphic and climate conditions to form agarwood

Taken care and regularly checked by experienced planters

Contain resinous heartwood and various good ingredients.

Can create agarwood products, applied widely in the production of perfumes, cosmetics, medicinal herbs, and some high-class fine arts with spiritual values…

(tinh dau)

Extracted from Agarwood by steam distillation method

100% Natural Agarwood Oil, no preservatives or additives.

Red – brown, viscous liquid

Natural, earthy, warm

Agarol (sesquiterpene), Aquillochin (couinarinolignan), α- agarofurans, β- agarofurans, agarospirol…

Improve skin health, enhance meditation, traditional medicine, spiritual symbol…


Produced by microbial agarwood inducement technology

No artificial or toxic chemical added

Similar quality even higher than pure agarwood

Safe for the environment


Seedlings are sold at 1-2 years old with an average height of 50-80cm

Carefully selected by experienced planters and nurtured following optimal methods and strict standards

Strong resistance to pests and diseases

Well-developed, high productivity in climate condition, high soil in numerous area.

Retain their genetic composition and characteristics of aquilaria crassna tree

Cultivate into Aquilaria crassna and create Agarwood



do-gooders by heart. Every action is rooted in the goal to deliver good value to the people, the society, and the environment.

truly to customer needs and strive to offer the most divine, blue-ribboned and fitting products.

creativity, innovation, and the advance of our products-services as the motivation to move forward and the cornerstone of our operation.

our work with the utmost integrity and transparency in every action, cooperation, and success achieved with partners.


This is one of the most impressive essential oil that brings up a unique aromatic experience to me. Its scent is woody, mesmerizing and long-lasting. This exclusive quality completely exceeded my expectation.

Ms. Aisha


I was astounded to learn about this microbiological agarwood technology. This is a fantastic long-term solution for preserving the inherent quality of agarwood while ensuring large production. I eagerly await your others new cutting-edge technologies method in agarwood farming in the future!

Mr. Chung


With many years of research, I believe that microbial communities play an important role in the formation of agarwood and the diversity of agarwood species. Your company has been successful in applying microbiological technology and creating high-quality and sustainable agarwood products. Good jobs!

Mr. Changpu



Chien Dan Agarwood was founded to bring the finest natural and biological Vietnamese agarwood products to global customers. With extensive experience in the field of agarwood, we offer a wide range of high-quality agarwood products. We always keep in mind that quality and innovation are our most important companions. Furthermore, spreading the sustainable values of agarwood in spiritual culture combined with providing benefits to people’s lives of calm and wellness is our mission and top development goal.

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