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Microbial Agarwood

Microbial Agarwood

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Chien Dan Agarwood is a pioneer company in the field of growing agarwood by microbiological technology. We have achieved great success and have been praised and recognized by many experts. Our agarwood products not only preserve the inherent nature of natural agarwood but are also diverse and rich with more advanced properties.

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Our Product Specifications


Produced by microbial agarwood inducement technology


No artificial or toxic chemical added


Similar quality even higher than natural agarwood


Safe for the environment



Agarol (sesquiterpene), Aquillochin (couinarinolignan), α- agarofurans, β- agarofurans, Agarospirol,...



Improve skin health, enhance meditation, traditional medicine, spiritual symbol...


Microbal Agarwood

For thousands of years, agarwood has been known as “The Wood of the Gods.” Agarwood is popularly used in many religions and in countless large industries such as pharmaceuticals, perfume, cosmetics ….

It also has versatile advantages for health such as treating the digestive system, relieving spasms, regulating the vital organs, and supporting the kidneys.

Currently, the demand in the world is continuously increasing, while the amount of natural agarwood is almost exhausted due to excessive exploitation. Additionally, the rate of natural agarwood generation is also extremely rare, about 1/10,000,000. Very few countries in the world meet the conditions of soil and natural climate to be able to cultivate agarwood properly.

In Vietnam, agarwood planters approach other artificial methods to speed up the production process and increase productivity to meet customer needs in the best way. The most popular method is the chemical method. It is cost-effective and easy to produce in large volumes. However, this approach also has serious downsides. Chemical substances such as SO4, PO3, Cl, NO2 will create unclean agarwood and pose a threat to human health and the environment. Besides, chemical agarwood is far behind natural agarwood when it comes to taste and specifications.

At Chien Dan Agarwood, we choose a sustainable direction that is safe for customers and more environmentally friendly. Everything began many years ago when we had a chance to meet well-versed experts in agarwood. They inspired us about the potential of the agarwood farming model, and taught us how to find new approaches. Therefore, the idea of a clean, chemical-free and non-toxic production concept sprung to our mind. After a long time of research and experimentation, Chien Dan has successfully launched a method of culturing agarwood by microbial agarwood inducement technology. This method has solved most of the disadvantages that the chemical method has not yet overcome. Not only is the success rate high, but also there are no harmful chemical residues. It effectively ensures output quality as well as health for consumers. The quality of our microbial agarwood is highly appreciated because it retains inherent natural properties and can even produce higher-grade agarwood. Never stop learning and developing, Chien Dan Agarwood is still promoting the R&D process to upgrade the existing technology, improving product value, and promising to bring consumers safe products and better quality.

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