People constantly admire the value of agarwood because it combines the quintessence of heaven and earth with a distinctive aroma that is rustic and simple but has a wide range of applications. Agarwood has long been thought to be a very uncommon and expensive material. Agarwood, in addition to the feng shui, health, and spiritual values, is also well-known for its use in exorcism and has been trusted by our forefathers for many years.

1. Why does agarwood have the effect of exorcism?

Agarwood has been regarded as a valuable herb by humans since ancient times. Agarwood takes decades, if not hundreds, of years to form on Aquilaria crassna trees. As a result, when a typical Aquilaria crassna tree is damaged by nature, such as rainstorms, lightning strikes, or insect damage, the tree secretes an unique resin to heal the wound, which eventually accumulates into agarwood. Because agarwood is so uncommon, it is naturally costly. “One ounce of agarwood, one ounce of gold,” says the proverb. Why do so many people like agarwood despite its exorbitant cost? The main reason is because “Agarwood is capable of exorcism.”

When it comes to avoiding evil spirits, most people think of superstition, yet the “evil” referenced here and the “evil” in feng shui superstition are two entirely different things. Because science had not yet established and bacteria and viruses did not have correct definitions, the ancients dubbed poisonous and deadly substances “evil.”

Agarwood is known as a unique fragrance that can penetrate into the Three Worlds (Heaven – Earth – Human). For thousands of years of history, agarwood has always been considered a rare treasure of Buddhism and Taoism. , Christianity, Islam, and other major religions. Also according to ancestors, agarwood can balance the yin and yang, harmonize the Five Elements. Agarwood is a pure yang thing, used in feng shui to suppress yin and yang, transform into qi, the yin and yang of agarwood echoes into the surrounding natural environment, in a quiet home, not letting yin gather.

2. Exorcism application of agarwood

Agarwood, whether monolithic wood, agarwood powder, or agarwood incense, may efficiently banish evil spirits and attract riches in any form. Agarwood is commonly used for exorcism in a variety of situations, including as:

  • When purchasing a home, relocating to a new home, or relocating to a new office.

Because space is weird, particularly in places where no one has lived for a long time, frigid air gathers, which might be the home of evil spirits for a long time or because the dragon vein here is fractured. Then you can use agarwood to clear the space, drive out evil spirits, and invite good fortune and luck.

  • Many people are passing through the business.

There will be certain people who are cursed with bad luck, and entering the store will bring bad luck, sluggish business, and family strife.

3. How do you properly exorcise ?

The value and use of agarwood has remained constant over the generations. However, not everyone understands how to successfully exorcise with agarwood and maximize the benefits it provides. The following are some especially successful agarwood exorcism techniques:

3.1 Light agarwood 

Light incense on the altar of ancestors is the most popular and easiest approach to help banish evil spirits; you simply need to use the same type of incense that is created for everyday incense. The incense smoke will help to ward off evil spirits and invite good fortune.

3.2 Burning agarwood

The use of agarwood incense is thought to be the most effective form of exorcism. Direct coal steaming and electric fumigation are the two approaches.

The first way requires you to create a copper or ceramic furnace of the appropriate size, then sprinkle agarwood powder and small pieces of agarwood on top of the pink embers in the burner. The heat from the coals will gradually burn the agarwood, dispersing the scent throughout the room.

The second approach, using an electric stove to steam, is also increasingly popular nowadays. Simply plug in the heater, adjust the function buttons for the time to smoke and the temperature to be steamed properly, and the electrical energy will be turned into heat, allowing the essential oils to be heated and released out of the scent


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