There are few places in the world that can compare to Vietnam when talking about the value and culture of agarwood. The plant is an indispensable part of our country’s life and spiritual culture.

  • Vietnam has the best agarwood in the world

The history of agarwood began from ancient times and its use has largely been associated with regional, cultural and religious beliefs. There are many special uses of agarwood that no tree can replace. Agarwood has a variety of benefits ranging from medicine to emphasizing spiritual life. Therefore, the consumption demand for agarwood is rapidly increasing, especially in Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Egypt, India, Japan, Oman, and China.

While the quantity of agarwood in South Asian countries has decreased due to deforestation and overexploitation, Vietnam, with a large number of agarwood trees, is recognized as the country that possesses the highest quality of agarwood. In particular, only agarwood from Vietnam can be used as medicine in the world. It is reasonable that the price of Agarwood in Vietnam is much more expensive than in other countries.

Vietnamese Agarwood stands out because of the sweet and unique fragrance that can not be found anywhere, along with the large oil content. All of which has brought a reputation for Vietnamese agarwood these days. In Vietnam fairy tales, there are ” agarwood trees that cost 1000 billion VND” Vietnam because it has turned into “Ky Nam”. People who are lucky “to win” can completely change their lives. Nowadays, Vietnamese agarwood has firmly affirmed its value both domestically and internationally. Whole grains are usually of high value, sold per block and kilogram. Each block usually costs from a few hundred million to 1 billion depending on the type of natural or artificial agarwood. Other products such as agarwood bracelets and chips also range from a few tens to several hundred million.

  • Where is Vietnamese agarwood the most?

Agarwood spread throughout the country but mostly concentrated in Phu Quoc, the provinces of South Central, Central Highlands, … but mention is Quang Nam, Khanh Hoa. This is also honored as the most famous region of agarwood in the world. To the point where only hearing the origin, connoisseurs of incense can also know the quality and price.

  • Bringing Vietnamese to conquer the world

With the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and other officials of the Secretary of the Khanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee, enterprises in Khanh Hoa province make their best efforts to invest in research and promote the value of Agarwood. Not only did they build the first Agarwood Museum in Vietnam but also gradually bring the Vietnamese Agarwood brand closer to international friends.

Currently, Vietnamese agarwood products have reached many international markets such as China, Japan, Korea, UAE, Dubai … with hundreds of different products. Even agarwood was chosen as a gift to heads of state on the Southeast Asian youth train two years 2017 and 2018. Bonus agarwood is a cultural demand in East Asia, especially in large markets like China, Taiwan, Middle East, Japan. The quality of our agarwood is already excellent, but the problem is that it is necessary to have a specialized marketing method to take over the market and many people know the Vietnamese brand.

The first and decisive task is to properly evaluate the economic potential of agarwood in different areas. Then we need a research institute specializing in agarwood trees,a well-established policy and price support for export. Not only taking advantage of inherent precious resources, but a clear policy direction of the government will also dictate people’s actions. This will play an important role in contributing stable lives for citizens, alleviating poverty, and preserving long-standing spiritual beauty.

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